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Claudia ContessiniIt’s just great to have you here.

Life Mastery for Lesbians is a series of ground-breaking research-based personal development programs designed to educate, inspire and empower you to live your highest potential as a lesbian, and as a human being.

You’ll find a major focus on the creation of joyously happy, healthy intimate relationships including loving, fun-filled sexual relationships.  Happiness and health in all aspects of our lives are  important themes, and there’s a blog section and a major program for single lesbians.

The Programs

Here’s a taste of what’s available now, and what’s on the way:

Internalized homophobia is not a sexy subject, and most of us don’t think much about it.  It can however do more damage to our lives, our health, and our precious relationships – including our sexual relationships – than anything else.  There’s an entire program to help you with it right now.  There’s a short test which will give you your “Internalized Homophobia Score”, some information about the ways in which your “level” of internalized homophobia may be affecting your life, and an eight-week eCourse to help you overcome it.  It could totally change your life.  It’s completely free – my gift to you.  Please read about it and take the Test here.

Lovemaking:   “Lesbian Sex for Beginners” and the “Advanced Lovemaking for Lesbians” series are close to launch.  Please make sure you’re subscribed to hear about it!  In the meantime find articles devoted to your sexual enrichment and pleasure here.

For Singles:   “Soul Mates:  The Lesbian Guide” is a complete guide to bringing the beauty and richness of a soul mate connection into your life.  This program has helped many lesbians (and other people) find the love of their life, and to create the beautiful relationship of their dreams.  You can listen to the first ten minutes of the 2006 edition here, and do make sure you’re subscribed to be among the first to hear about the launch of the new edition!

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“Dr Claudia’s Notes” are snappy little communications designed to inform and enrich your life and alert you to new postings here at Life Mastery for Lesbians.  Your subscription is free, and includes “How to Beat Lesbian Bed Death” – an eight week research-based eCourse designed to help enliven and reinvigorate your relationship, and if you’re single, assist you to avoid the Bed Death peril altogether.

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